The China Expat or Jay in real life started backpacking in China during his teenage years where he met several people. He had a chance to work in one of the country’s most popular red-light districts as a bust-boy to support his travels. He got up close to how the sex industry works and its impact on its workers.

It all started as a travel blog, but Jay decided to flip the whole website. He thought that it is a good way to talk about more pressing issues than his travels. He recognizes the fact that he is not a sex expert, that’s why he works with some of the experts in the field of sex. The China Expat aims to produce content that would appeal to two groups. The ones who are looking for sex tips, and those who are interested in the current affairs related to China’s sex industry.

Please let us know if you want to submit some articles. We would be happy to review and feature them on our website. It will not only help us, but it will also help other people who are looking for some content straight from your experiences.