The China Expat presents series and various publications regarding prostitution chronic in different parts of China:

  1. Prostitution reemerged in China in the 1980s and has become rampant ever since then—attracting enormous attention and academic interest. This article examines the history of prostitution in China, from its roots to the causes of its resurgence. Link
  2. Prostitution is illegal in China and is frequently the target of law enforcement crackdowns. In recent years, the country’s growing emphasis on combating human trafficking has also increased the profile of these anti-prostitution campaigns. Link
  3. In many ways, the actions of these gray women may indeed seem to resemble the practices of the top three levels of prostitution (out of a seven-tiered hierarchy) codified by the Chinese police. Link
  4. This paper examines the development of Chinese prostitution in pre-communist China during the Mao regime and the post-Mao era, drawing lessons from the Chinese Government’s efforts to eradicate prostitution. Link
  5. Once referred to even in China’s media as the country’s “sex capital”, the southern city of Dongguan remains the subject of many lewd jokes. Link
  6. In our old family album, there was only one photograph of my maternal grandma in her youth, in which she looked like a film star with her silk cheongsam and permed hair. Link
  7. Almost all of the studies of prostitution in Republican era China have focused on big cities. Link
  8. Female migrants quit factory labour for sex work to survive and provide a better life for relatives back home. Link