The China Expat has been growing its readers ever since it was launched. We are happy to produce more content that we can publish more frequently, that is why we are thankful to our editors who have been working hard to make sure we maintain the quality of our articles. It’s time to meet them!

Maliha Head
• Lives in Shanghai
• She met Jay online where they found out that they share the same passion for traveling.
• She also volunteers against human trafficking in China

Kellie Palacios
• Lives in Manhattan Beach, CA
• She used to contribute articles to The China Expat website but was later hired as an editor
• She works as a part-time sex therapist in one of the clinics in LA

Laurence Alfaro
• Lives in Brisbane
• He is the one responsible for your article submissions. He makes sure that they are ready for posting, and that they are given proper credits.
• Laurence visits Jay every year to talk about the future plans for the website.