A dildo is probably the most popular sex toy. There are millions of people using it for sexual penetration. It offers the best way of soothing your sexual lust when you are alone and want to put something down there. People have been using dildo for many centuries. It will exist until there is the desire of having sex.

Although most of us know how to use it, quite a few people know how dildos are made. Yes, there are brands which produce this sex toy daily in their factories. You should discover the manufacturing process if you like dildos and other similar sex toys.

Materials used to manufacture dildos:

Dildos are made of various types of materials. The most widely used materials are as follows:

  • Rubber:

Rubber is a widely used material for manufacturing dildos. It is shaped and wrapped around a steel spring to replicate an actual penis. That spring offers stiffness to rubber dildos and makes them for pliable during vaginal play.

This type of dildos was quite popular during the 50s and 60s. However, people were worried about injuries which could occur due to a cut from that steel spring. The concern is real and that’s why rubber dildos are not preferred anymore.

  • Jelly:

Jelly is another cheap material used to produce dildos. Jelly dildos come with many phthalates. Rubber is used as a baseline and then phthalates are included to make that dildo more pliable. Therefore, jelly dildos come in various shapes, colours, and sizes.

It will feel quite smooth and bendable like a real penis. Jelly dildos have quite pronounced rubber smell which mixes with vaginal fluid or anal fluid and becomes quite a bad odour. This type of sex toys can have tiny pores which make them a haven for bacteria and germs. That’s why many people suggest to not use a jelly sex toy.

  • Plastic:

Plastic is another widely used material for making dildos. It is cost-effective, easily available, and much safer than jelly. Most of the PVC dildos have no phthalates. Some flexible PVC dildos can have phthalates because it is used to make material pliable and it is toxic.

Plastic dildos are great because these are easy to clean. Yes, it is hard but you will always feel the smooth touch before it enters your body. You can clean and maintain it for a long time. Many sex toy manufacturers use plastic to produce their vibrators, but it never replicates the true touch and feel of putting a penis inside the vagina.

  • Glass:

Glass is used to produce dildos because it allows you to produce dildos in many different colours, shapes, and styles. It is not a flexible material but it makes dildos look unique and attractive.

Dildo manufacturers use highly durable glass to design this sex toy. There is no way it will shatter if you accidentally drop it on the floor. It will remain intact and effective for a long time. However, it can be dangerous for your internal organs if your glass dildo gets cracked and you do not notice it. You can find quality glass dildos that are offered by LG.

  • Metal:

Many brands are selling dildos made of stainless steel. It is probably the most durable material used to produce dildos. Metal dildos come in various shapes and sizes. It is produced in phallic shape and kept smooth to avoid unnecessary traction. You won’t even need lube if you are using this dildo for vaginal play.

Steel is hard and it is not as flexible as rubber, jelly, or PVC. A steel dildo will never change its size and shape. You will have to use it even if you have placed the order for a large-sized metal dildo. That’s a drawback associated with steel dildos.

  • Silicone:

Silicone is the most reliable material when it comes to manufacturing sex toys. Silicone dildos are made to last forever. You will never worry about sanity and safety if you have received a silicone dildo. It is flexible, durable, and quite effective when it comes to penetration.

It feels much softer than plastic and perfectly replicates the touch of a real penis. It outperforms jelly in terms of pliability but there are no pores to hide germs and bacteria. Any bacteria wrapped over silicone dildo can be removed by washing it. Silicone is an odourless and tasteless material. Try it because there is no other material makes a better dildo than silicone.

The manufacturing process of dildos:

There might be hundreds of factories manufacturing dildos. All of them follow the same procedure because it is the standard way of manufacturing dildos. A dildo artist would prepare a prototype of a penis. The manufacturers choose different porn stars’ penises to design dildos.

Different molds are used to design this sex toy. Material is filled in those molds and that material naturally takes shape of an artificial penis. There will be people inspecting each dildo before it is packed and shipped. They trim it and iron it to make it the best sex toy for the user. That’s how dildos are made in sex toy manufacturing factories.

Are dildos harmful to your health?

It depends on several factors, but majorly only the material used to produce dildos. PVC, Jelly, and rubber dildos are not as safe as silicone dildos because of phthalates. You should do some more research on sex toy materials before you choose one. Thus, you will get some reliable information on how safe a sex toy material is. Silicone dildos are great. You can keep them as long as you want because these are highly durable sex toys. That’s why a silicone dildo costs more than a jelly or plastic dildo.

Final thoughts:

Dildos are made for having fun. You would love to put it inside your body while masturbating. It allows you to soothe your lust and feel satisfied. That’s why the demands for dildos are quite high and every woman thinks about owning a dildo for her pleasure. Now, you know how it is made and which material is safe. So, get it now!