Butt plugs vs Anal vibrators: how to choose?

As a rule, all reputed and reliable butt plugs are made of materials that are safe for health. And the mechanism of them, even with a possible failure will not lead to injury to the genitals and the anus. But this statement is true only in the case when the male vibrator is used, cleaned and stored correctly. How to have sex with butt plug? And what’s the reason of using butt plugs. Let’s find out.

If you do not follow the rules of hygiene, insufficient or improper method of cleaning the device, the vibrator can be a source of infection. Therefore, after each use and before using the product, you must clean it. Some models need to be washed under running water with special detergents, while others require special care.

Butt plugs of various shapes and sizes can also be harmful if used improperly. If penis stimulation is required, then you can use any device and just make sure that it does not cause discomfort or pain. If you wish to work with the anus and prostate, you need to select special models that have a limiter. Otherwise, the device may be completely in the rectum, and then get it without medical assistance will not succeed. It is also important in this case to pay great attention to abundant lubrication and the size of the vibrator, which is desirable to increase gradually, without immediately resorting to large models.

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How to choose a male vibrator

The price is not the most important thing to look for when buying a male vibrator. You must first decide the answer to the question, why and when the device will be used. Many use butt plugs for bright foreplay, to enhance sensations during intimate proximity with a partner or partner, for additional stimulation during oral caresses. And someone perceives games with a vibrator as a completely different pleasure from the usual sex. There are also vibrators to stop premature ejaculation so choose well.

If you buy the first vibrator in a man’s life, preference should be given to universal models, for example, a massager with nozzles, a vacuum pump, a butt plug with a vibration, an erection ring or vibrating nozzles on the penis. Caps and beads, high-tech butt plugs are perfect for anal stimulation. But here it is worth remembering that at first it is better to buy models of small size, but having many different modes. This will help to understand what exactly a man likes, what kind of stimulation brings more vivid and long-lasting sensations.

Also, when you buy, be sure to pay attention to the power of the motors. The stronger it is, the brighter the experience will be during the game. The issue of charge is also important – models with a built-in battery are more practical and convenient in this case. But the shape, texture, material, color, the presence or absence of additional attachments – all this can be chosen at their own discretion.

Important! The price of men’s butt plugs depends on the manufacturer, the number of functions, material, water permeability, method of charge, power and other factors. The cost of a good device usually starts from 600 dollars and can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Terms of care and storage

Rules for the use, care and storage of the vibrator depend mainly on the material that covers it and the mechanical filling. The device must always be clean, apply only with lubricant. For any pain, you need to carefully remove the toy and understand what is going wrong.

When using a vibrator, be sure to avoid sudden movements, turn on the most powerful mode, or use too large a size. Only slow penetration, smooth movements without strong pressure will help to avoid injuries and will give the opportunity to get the maximum enjoyment from the game.

Proper cleaning and storage

Vibrator for men – a pledge of its safety and durability before the first use and then after and before use, the product must be treated with a disinfectant solution, for example, Chlorhexidine, along with the usual water cleaning.

After washing and cleansing, you can gently blot the device with a clean towel or tissue. Store toys preferably in individual packages or covers. Their prolonged contact with each other can lead to damage or deformation of the device. All products are stored in different ways. Most models are enough to clean and dry. But some require special conditions. For example, products made of realistic materials must be showered with special talcum powder. The same method on how you clean different sex swings of love.

Important! If the vibrator is on batteries, then during its long-term storage it is necessary to remove them.

Male butt plugs is a great opportunity to diversify the sex life at any age. Proper use of these devices, if they are made of quality materials, is not only safe, but also very healthy. In addition, the original product in its form and vibration modes will help to open new erogenous zones and expand the horizons of pleasure.