How are inflatable sex toys arranged?

Most fun sex toys are a device made of latex or special rubber inside a fairly stiff base of small size. And a pear is attached to the body of a sex toy, which pumps air into it. Special valve allows you to control the process of increasing and releasing excess air. The upper material can stretch, sometimes expanding 1.5-2 times.  Separate inflatable sex toys can be pumped up, and even have a pressure gauge at the base. But it greatly increases the price and is not too practical. Pears are enough to have fun.

Vibration in sex toys with a swap

Many sex products with paging can also vibrate. This feature expands applications. But the vibrating element is located in the center of the sex toy; therefore, as the wave increases, it may not be felt so intensely. Ideally, when in the expanding butt plug the engine is located in the leg. This part is almost not growing, so the sensations are maximum. And it is in the anus, in the area of ??impact, that a huge number of nerve endings are concentrated. And this model gives a maximum of sensations and with an increase, and without.

Vibration is controlled by buttons on the case or from a remote control. When choosing a sex toy, it is important to know the length of the cord. The console is easy to use if the wire is not shorter than 1-1.5 meters. Then the model is suitable for masturbation, and for sex in a pair. The more vibration modes, the more interesting the sex toy are. Sometimes there are different modes and still different speeds of each pattern.

What to look for when choosing inflatable sex products?

Buying a butt plug with a swap or a dildo with an extension is a fascinating process. You can choose a suitable model for a long time, and then test it. But you should pay attention when choosing the following details:

The form: Butt plugs can be of different shapes. Gradually the expansion makes the introduction process easier. Narrow or large options are suitable for users with different levels of training. Phallus can also be used without magnification, so it is important to choose a model that you like. For anal caress necessarily need a limiter, so that the device does not sink too deep.

Relief: A sex toy is introduced in a “deflated” state. And therefore the presence of a relief on the surface is a plus. It stimulates the body, gives a light massage. Cork or phallus can be smooth or embossed; everyone chooses an option for himself.

Material: Thermoplastic rubber and latex are most often used in sex toys with swapping. They can cause allergies. At the beginning of operation there is a slight smell, but it quickly disappears. It depends on the material how to wash and store the thing for pleasure. At this point, you need to pay attention to the device then served for a long time and not deformed.

How much increase: Some sex toys grow by 30%, others by 100%. Knowing the original size, you can understand the size in the most expanded form. It is better to take a toy more than less. Over time, I want to increase, not decrease.

Charging method: If the device has a vibrating element, it is important to find out how it charges. If these are batteries, they will have to be changed. If a rechargeable battery, it is important to clarify the presence of a charger.

How to use increasing toys for adults?

There are rules for the use of expanding products for adults. Compliance will save a sex toy for a long time.

  • Use only with water based lubricant. It does not deform the material, keeps it in perfect condition. It is forbidden to apply with creams, lotions, Vaseline, which are not intended for intimate caresses.
  • Enlarging sex toys are introduced into the body only in the non-swap state. There should be no air inside. Since the muscles can squeeze the device too much, and it will break. It is especially important to observe this rule during anal sex. The increase is permissible only inside the body. Extraction is also only in the no swap state.
  • Expansion is a gradual process. Dramatically pump up the air is not worth it, it can be painful. And a huge amount of air in the instantaneous flow can deform the device. All actions should be smooth and unhurried.
  • With the growth of sex toys can be pain. Expansion causes mild discomfort. But pain can be pulling, not harsh. If suddenly the sensations are too strong, you must stop the practice, reduce the sex toy and remove it from the body. Pain can cause cracks, scratches and other damage. And they appear when used improperly.

Sex toy – a subject of individual use: It is not recommended to transfer it to other persons. Complete disinfection is very complicated, and therefore infections can be carried along with the device.

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